American TV online, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX. Watch American TV on your computer. offers 50+ AMERICAN CHANNELS
Just purchase our revolutionary new TV Stick
The technology to receive AMERICAN TV online is possible via our amazing USB TV STICK
It works on any laptop or pc that uses a Windows system
OR Computer using MAC OSX system.(not yet Ipads)
Just plug in the USB TV Stick into your internet connected computer and watch your FAVOURITE AMERICAN PROGRAMS

I'm sure you're asking how is this possible. Well we recently received EU technology funding to develop our TV System.
The $99 TV stick comes with 3 months FREE TV,
renewable TV is 1 year prepaid subscription at $99(=$8/mo.)
Our revolutionary USB TV Sticks offer American TV Worldwide.

All you need is a one-off purchase of one of our TV Sticks at the introductory price of only US$99
WATCH AMERICAN TV on your laptop or pc or big screen tv.
(via HDMI cable pc to tv)

So Cheap - We hear you say - This is brand new technology offering plug and play access to MAJOR USA TV thoughout the World*.
If American TV is something you've been considering,then we're sure that this will be the decider.
If you were hesitant before because of your lack of computer skills - then a "Plug and Play" TV Stick is definitely the solution.

So how much money will the TV STICK save you now and in the future.
Say over 2 years with a settop box company - costs $250 to $400 for the box and $480 at $20 a month - So total $730,
It would cost $900 for a 1.45 meter Satellite dish installed on your home.

** JUST PLUG and PLAY(no computer skills needed).
** THEN WATCH the AMERICAN TV you've been missing.
** 1 YEAR UNLIMITED TV after first 3 months,$99(equiv.$8/mo.)

SIGN UP before 17 July 2014 and we'll include
a FREE MOVIE Channel,with 2000 movies ON DEMAND

USA TV - Select one

USA TV - Select one if via agent and deposit paid

USA TV - Select one for Extra subscription

Beta Customers Comments
We told these customers that they were early users of our technology and asked them to tell us their initial first months experiences with us. Together with who they used before and what they paid (if applicable)

Steve H. in U.A.E.
"We were taken with the idea of TV within a USB stick. Setup was easy just followed your simple instructions. The TV worked without any buffering really a first for this kind of service in UAE.
We previously used a company called vpninfo but the TV we watched didnt work smoothly with our 2 meg internet service. Its good to know we will save over $170 every year and still get our TV. We were happy to have a smooth TV picture from your TV stick.

Ed M. in Spain
"Hadn't tried to watch TV via the internet as we only use the computer for email and skype phone calls with the grandchildren. If we were to be honest we didn't try it before as it all looked a bit complicated.
So we were pleasantly surprised when it all worked, literally as you say Plug and Play. We have a small apartment with a TDT (spanish tv) connection. Our local rebroadcaster went spectacularly bust, so this came as a blessing. $99 for a device to watch TV. It came at the right time especially as funds are now limited since retiring.
We were happy to be one of your beta customers and are now recommending your service."

Charlotte A. in France and Greece
"Most of the year is spent in France and two months a year in the Greek Islands. We were excited about your new technology. The TV was up and running in 3 or 4 minutes fairly amazing as we consider ourselves technically limited.
The good thing is we use the usb to watch TV in both the bedroom on a pc and the living room on a laptop.
The laptop has a lead that our neighbour plugged into our LCD TV, so now have a bigger picture.
Before we had used a vpn service, so it was superb to get a better TV service. The good news is that it also works in the Greek Islands, so we'll be uptodate with my favorite soaps for the next 2 months"

Andrew W. in Portugal
"Wow it couldnt get any easier, dont you love technology, especially when it works so well. Sounds like I'm on the payroll, but this is brilliant. A TV Stick,you seem to have the formula right. Its been working well since we plugged it into our laptop 4 weeks ago. We used a company called TVabroad, they charged us $179. We got less channels via a browser system. So a TV Stick followed by a cheap subscription is brilliant. I've sent you 6 customers already. "

Micheal S. in Thailand
"Saw your details in an expat forum, your service will save us a bunch of money. It was very simple to get started, just plugged in the magic tv usb, put in the password details, then connected. Real easy even the wife could have done it. We bought the stick and its worked well so far. We previously were paying ProxyServices $22 each month for tv services ($269 a year) We both like the major channels and the thought of a modest monthly payments gives us a bit more of our income. I reckon our whole international school will end up watching TV with your TV Stick

SAVE MONEY sign up to our INTRODUCTORY PRICES for this AMAZING TECHNOLOGY giving you access to the BEST of AMERICAN TV
Our Unique TV Stick

Our unique revolutionary TV Stick makes LIVE TV possible.
It takes an internet TV stream and unencrypts it onto your computer or direct to your TV. Its a combination of our latest developed technology and network media software. The connection software is within the TV stick which uniquely works with all 4 versions of the Windows operating system.Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
You do not need to configure your computer in any way.
There is no loss of internet speed when watching the USA TV.
We could have put our leading edge technology in a box and charged $300 or more for it.
It is designed in Europe by the technical team led by our Australian engineer and we were able to utilise the smaller platform to implement it.
This small size adds a new dimension to this technology. We are currently offering the TV Stick at Introductory Prices from only $99.50.
Thanks to our AudioVisual Technological funding, one of our first projects is our new tv stick allowing connection to AMERICAN TV.

This is Real LIVE TV via a TV stick connected to your pc or tv via the internet
When you have purchased your TV Stick we will setup your service and you will receive the TV Stick at your home address, normally within 7 working days,OR delivery via our Local Agent.
Depending on Customs & Excise in your country - you may have to pay Duty or Sales Tax to your government collection agency (if applicable will be via the courier company.) This normally doesnt happen as we declare it at a modest price.
You connect to your broadband locally in the normal way, the speed of your local internet will be the speed you connect to the TV channel.
As soon as you connect to your TV Stick your internet connection will connect to your media shifting technology, this will enable you to access/control Live TV stations.
Tech Support- 1st instance your email and follow up with our telephone support
The television service is using free to air channels available in the USA.
This is NOT a vpn service as offered by most of the competition.
We are not directly or indirectly hosting or streaming TV content - We are offering a service to allow your computer/TV stick to access a US server connection - this technology enables media/place shifting of internet TV to your TV Stick using broadband and the world wide web.
The service will be set at an upto maximum speed of 1500kbps.
The picture compares to an analogue television picture on Standard setting and Digital on HiQ setting.
When you effect payment for the TV Stick you are agreeing to this and all other conditions on this page.
When you consider that for a similar Slingbox solution companies are charging $80 to $95 a month .
Then you will appreciate that this media/place shifting service is excellent value for money.
Works everywhere that you have adequate bandwidth
___________________________________________________________________________________________ The Technology allows one to one connection via an individual TV Stick to one computer or TV via HDMI connection ,therefore this service is not in contradiction of any existing TV viewing laws.
In order to comply with the end users licence agreement,cable and Free to Air rules and local and national laws - We require all hosting clients to agree that only one person from a single domestic household will access the media-shifting connection via our service at any given time.This service is for personal use only and any commercial use is prohibited.

We feature real Live TV directly from the USA as if your computer/TV Stick was situated in the USA .

PRIVACY POLICY None of your private financial or other information is stored in any way, except your email address,name,telephone number (for telephone support) and service provided.

REFUND POLICY Where any electronic equipment or cables have been ordered from us, in the case of the equipment being unserviceable for any reason, please return within 14 days of receipt for a replacement or full refund.
You pay return shipping costs
CONTACT INFORMATION Full contact information is available further down this page.

This service is US tv channels combined with US Radio available on the internet

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